Move In – Move Out Cleaners

Move in – Move out Cleaners 

You know what its like, you’ve spent all day packing up and getting things moved out, then you’ve the unpacking to do when you reach your new home.  The last thing you want to do is clean the house before you leave, although you do probably want the one you’re moving into to be spotless!!

We’ll clean your old home after you move out or your new one before you move in saving you the time and hassle of doing it yourself. You concentrate on the moving bit and let us worry about the cleaning.

What are the benefits of hiring cleaning services?

Hiring a cleaning service when you move home ensures that you’ll be handing over a sparkling clean house to the landlord or new owner. This is particularly important if you are in rented accommodation as you’ll want to have your deposit returned in full.

Using the services of cleaning professionals is also helpful for your new home as well as your old one, as we can make sure that it’s ready for you to move in to, because you never really know how dirty a house is until it’s empty and it’s too late once the removal men start unloading.  If you’re moving into a new build then we can make sure that all the remnants of dust from the build are removed so that the house is as fresh and clean as it can be for your arrival.

Time is never on your side on moving day. While you have so many things to concentrate on (packing, organising, children, etc.) we will focus all of our attention on the cleaning. We’ll clean areas that many people will miss or not bother with, leaving the place spotless.

Choose from our Blitz package
Ideal for:
Move in Cleaning – Owners – House Purchase
Move out Cleaning – Owners – House Sale
Between Tenancy Cleaning – Landlords

Or Deep Clean package
Ideal for:
Move in Cleaning – Owners – House Purchase
Move out Cleaning – Owners – House Sale
End of Tenancy Cleaning – Tenants
After Builders Cleaning

Please note that our cleaning charges are based on the property being empty at the time of the clean.